Public Session at the “Factory”

Public Session at the Hope Factory™

We are excited that you will be coming! On this page, you can register for yourself, family or group. If you are registering for a group, we only require the leader to register for everyone else. Our Volunteer Coordinator will confirm your registration as soon as possible.

Please read the following three points carefully:

We want new volunteers to experience the Hope Factory™ while accommodating those who have helped us in the past. With your help we are producing more life saving meals now than ever before. That is great news but also comes with the challenge to request donations for more food ingredients – already over 2000 tons.




Our founder Larry Bergeron will often share his personal faith story with the group during the presentation. His story is meant to encourage others with what he learned and to provide answers for those who are curious about his Christian faith. You can read more about his story at the top of the page under About Us.




Our schedule of Hands Against Hunger™ events are shown on the calendar below. Please scan the months and the available dates. Select a date of interest, click and the registration page for that session will open. How easy is that?




After you complete the registration form, a summary will appear for you to approve. You must click CONFIRM REGISTRATION to submit your request for consideration.